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Buying a Reno bottle of wine will make a difference

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At Reno Wine we’re big fans of recycling programmes. Recovering and recycling glass reduces the demand for quarried raw materials, preserving about 1.2 tonnes of raw materials for every tonne of recycled glass used. Recycling also reduces the amount and cost of waste glass going to landfill where it might remain indefinitely. However, although glass can be recycled again and again glass bottles typically contain only about 80-85% recycled content, the remainder derived from virgin materials. In addition, creating new glassware from recycled glass and raw materials has associated energy use and pollution issues.

“There is more green glass collected than can be used by the UK" WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) 2007. ‘Glass Market Development Assessments for the English Regions and the Nations’.

It makes sense to Reuse glass bottles

Returning bottles and receiving the deposit in return used to be common practice in the UK. Nowadays consumer preference has turned to the convenience of non-returnable bottles with milk bottles being one of the few types of glass packaging still reused (an average of 12 times). Reno Wine is keen to reuse bottles where possible by refilling locally, giving consumers a choice that can benefit the environment and offer an economic advantage. We aim to provide a convenient system of Reuse which can become common practice in the UK, just like recycling.

Reuse is the simplest form of recycling with fewer processing stages, less energy costs, and no new material required.

Your thoughts...

"We are really enjoying having good wine that is consistently tasty and think the idea of reuse is of course very sensible!"

"I love getting my wine from Chris at Reno Wine. The wine is fantastic, consistently good quality and everyone who tries it wants to know where I get it from. I would recommend Reno Wine to anyone who wants great wine, great service and the knowledge that they are supporting a great local environmentally friendly business."

"A fantastic way to buy great quality wine. I was able to sit back and drink a tasty refreshing glass of white while knowing that I was caring for the environment by reusing the wine bottle. And every time I refill I save money. Cheers!"

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